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Over the last few years, road-salt and sand-mix has been mostly replaced with liquid salt brines. The new liquid salt brine will rust out your vehicle faster then ever before.

It's believed that the new liquid de-icing is easier on the environment. Additionally, it's cheaper, lasts longer, and is much more effective at lower temperatures than ordinary rock salt.

​Conclusion: The new liquid salty brines are here to stay.

For various reasons, car and truck manufacture's do not apply the necessary protectants. That's where a rustproofing and undercoating specialist comes in.

Because most consumers can't easily see these areas, it's difficult to know whether or not you are getting a thorough job done. Use key words like "rustproofing" or "undercoating" followed by your state name.

The liquid salt brine mist, and the dried up dust that comes from it, will work its way into every crevase of your vehicle. It gets behind the mouldings, door seals, lights, and just about everything else that's attached to the outside of your vehicle. Fortunately, you can rid your vehicle's exterior of the brine by giving it a good car wash.

However, protecting the bottom of your vehicle and the insides of your vehicle's inner body panels from liquid salt brine requires some additional treatment. What's needed is a protectant that will cover these areas and keep the brines away.

World Class Rust Proofing

If I can help you make a more informed decision, please don't hesitate to call me, Tom Kewan.

For people living in the rust-belt who plan on keeping their vehicle for more than 3 years, rustproofing is definitely worth doing.

The monetary return from rustproofing your vehicle can be much better than most investments.

Come trade-in time, you will always get your investment back, plus a good return on it.

ARTICLE: Keep Your Vehicle RUST FREE

The best way to keep a vehicle rust-free is by protecting it before it starts to rust. The ultimate time to protect it is when you car or truck is still new. 

Some existing rust can be slowed down, but if left untreated, rust will quickly eat its way through to the other side.

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CALL 9am - 9pm:  7 days a week​
Phone:  715-590-4832​

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