World Class Rust Proofing

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a 5 year Old, Low Mileage Pickup Truck that is Already Rusted Through

It has Several Thousand Dollars in Corrosion Damage. This is very typical and could have been prevented by Rust Coating.

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Why I Love Rust Protection


Many people purchase a new vehicle whenever the old one starts to rust. But with 'heavy' rust now showing up after it's only 3 or 4 years old, do you want to  replace it? Here's how to prolong its life.

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Where Does Salt like to Hang-Out?

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Rust Coating verses Under Coating

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Showing the Rust Proofing we Applied to His Truck

Rust Coaters LLC

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How to Keep Your Vehicle Rust Free


​​Salt tends to build-up in places where water won't wash it out. But at the same time, water will activate the salt and the corrosion process will start.

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How We Remove Crusted-over Rust

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Showing the Bottom Side Of a Pickup that we Rust Coated

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Rust Coating Warranties - Are They Worth Their Salt?


When it comes to rust, what does a vehicle manufacture typically say about rust on a new vehicle? Regarding any add-on or aftermarket rustproofing and undercoating, what do these warranties typically state?

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Showing the Benefits of  Having Wheel Well Liners

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Information on RUST PROTECTION

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Rust-Coating verses Under-Coating


​Here are 21 reasons why our AMBER rust-coating works so well.

Undercoating is typically an asphalt based product that is black in color. The product we apply underneath your vehicle is the same AMBER COLORED product we apply in the upper body panels EXCEPT it is a thicker version of it.