Because of all the benefits rust-coating offers we decided to specialize in it. We believe that for the money spent, you will not find anything that performs nearly as well as rust-coating. 

I would be happy to explain each of the above listed benefits in more detail. So if I can help you make a more informed decision, please don't hesitate to call me, Tom Kewan.

ARTICLE: Rust-Coat vs Under-Coat

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When properly applied, most of the black asphalt and wax based under-coating products work very well. Unfortunately, a 'quality' black undercoating job can run into the thousands of dollars. Few people are prepared to pay for this level of service and very few shops are equipped to properly do this type of work. 

The truth be known, very few shops would even know the difference between a really professionally done undercoating job and a poor one.

A really professional undercoating job takes at least 40 plus hours of work. All the work is done on a hoist. Additionally, the material costs alone will run a minimum of $350.00 to $500.00.

Fortunately, instead of spending your hard earned money on a mediocre undercoating job, there is an outstanding alternative. It's called rust-coating.

While rust-coating does not duplicate the professional undercoating jobs costing in the thousand's of  dollars, it will vastly outperform the mediocre, run-of-the-mill undercoating jobs that are so popular today. I'm specifically referring to those undercoating jobs that come with a warranty and take only one or two days to complete.

Here is a list of benefits as to why rust-coating is such an outstanding alternative.