For most of my life, I have been repairing cars and trucks. Back in the 1970's and 80's I owned an auto body shop in Eau Claire, WI. I also did rust proofing back then because rust was a huge problem.

The vast majority of body shops don't like patching up rust holes, I didn't either.

World Class Rust Proofing

Rust proofing may sound like a strange thing to love, but I really enjoy the challenge of prolonging the useful life of things. I also like being around people who recognize and appreciate what I have done for them. 

My encouragement comes from my clients. Some people who live hundreds of miles away, bring me their vehicles to rust coat.

The reason most body shops don't like fixing rust is because what you see on the outside is usually only the tip of the iceberg. And it's very likely that the rust will pop out somewhere else real soon.

This why I like to inspect older vehicles before I schedule them for rust proofing. I can point out potential trouble spots so you can make an informed decision. I do not charge anything to pre-inspect a vehicle.

I love adding many years of additional life to vehicles. 

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ARTICLE: I Love Rust Proofing!

The very first time you drive through liquid salt-brine, or the dried up dust left over from it, your vehicle will start to corrode. You can wash your vehicle top and bottom, but you can't get it out of the seams. When the seams get wet, corrosion immediately starts to form. The more dampness, the faster the corrosion

Rust repair for most body shops is not pleasant work and generally is not very profitable. Most shops will only patch up rust during the slow time of the year, while other shops refuse to do it altogether. 

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CALL 9am - 9pm: 7 days a week​
Phone:  715-590-4832​

If I can help you make a more informed decision, please don't hesitate to call me, Tom Kewan.