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Wherever you choose to have rust protection applied, make sure that you hire a reputable firm that offers a quality product. 

Rust Coaters puts 100% of their effort into doing the very best job they can for every customer. None of your hard earned money that you spend with us is given to an 'insurance company' posing as a product vendor. We purchase products from whomever we feel makes the best product for the job. We are not forced into buying products that carry next to worthless warranties for our customers.

Most “factory OEM anti-corrosion warranties” on new vehicles are for 5 to 7 years. However, when you read the fine print, most of them 'exclude' coverage for rust that was caused by road salt and other ice-melting chemicals.

Also, typically not warrantied against corrosion, is the complete under-body, wheel wells, suspension area, braking and steering systems, the engine bay and trunk. So if you live in the rust-belt, the warranty that the factory gives you is essentially worthless.

If you still have questions about rustproofing warranties or anything else about rustproofing, please don't hesitate to call me, Tom Kewan.

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When it comes to purchasing ‘additional’ rust coating, (beyond what the OEM applied at their factory) you have a choice of purchasing… 

1). A rust coating service that comes ‘with a warranty’ (i.e. insurance). 
2). A rust coating service 'without a warranty'.

​If you choose option (1), a substantial portion of the cost of the project helps to cover the cost of the warranty. If you choose option (2), you are only paying for the rust coating service.

Rust Coaters does not offer a warranty because we don’t believe anyone, no matter how thorough they are, can completely stop a vehicle from rusting. That's because there are a few places on some vehicles that are not accessible. On the other hand, we are extremely thorough. We use very high quality products, and apply 4 to 5 gallons of rust coating on every vehicle.

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Note that most ‘rustproofing warranties’ originate from the manufacturer of the rustproofing itself, NOT the business that actually completes the application process for you. In reality, the shop applying the product is acting as the 'insurance agent' and the product vendor is, in reality, the insurance company… (a very clever slight-of-the-hand by the product vendor). This allows the vendor to charge top-dollar for their product but the higher cost of the product discourages the application center from applying a generous portion of product.

Because the workmanship is insured, the application center has very little to lose. If you are over 40 years old you may remember the TV ads promoting “Rusty Jones rustproofing”. Eventually, Rusty Jones (i.e. in reality, an insurance company) went bankrupt because their ‘approved application centers’ did such poor work. In today’s world, these type of ‘insurance companies’ have learned how to tighten-up the wording on their warranties so they rarely have to pay out anything. In the meantime, you are left to drive around in your ‘rust bucket’.

Typical rustproofing/undercoating warranties are explained below… 

1). The “Wait for a hole from the inside-out warranty” (i.e. will not be covered until there's a hole,) and this warranty only applies to the painted body panels. The blistering, bubbling along seams, crevices and body panels are NOT considered perforation. So by the time an actual hole develops, the rest of your vehicle will likely be infested with rust. If your vehicle gets to this point, you’ll realize that you wasted your money. 

2). The “We refund the money you paid us if it rusts-through warranty”. In my mind this is no warranty. In the state of Wisconsin, it’s actually illegal for anyone doing rustproofing to even offer this type of ‘warranty’.

3). The “Return regularly warranty” (typically annually). If you miss a timely application, you have no warranty. Be sure and read the fine print. More than likely you will be charged $40.00 - $100.00 for each annual re-check. 
Additionally, what is actually warrantied is narrowly defined. 

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At most new car dealerships, it’s generally the business manager’s role to offer you rust protection when you are there doing the final paperwork. My advice would be to be as informed as possible before you visit the business office so that you can make a wise decision.

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