Cleaning out the underbody's inner channels is a time consuming process. A high pressure hose is inserted into the INSIDE of all the contaminated UNDERBODY CHANNELS.

If you're not sure if your vehicle needs this optional service we'll take photos of it for you after we remove the wheels and underbody covers and complete the steam cleaning of the under-body. Then you can see more clearly if you want this done to your vehicle.


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Below is the same rocker panel that's in the above two proceeding photos.

Shown is the high pressure portion of the flushing-out process.

Fnally, the floor drain grates are removed and the excess dirt is removed from the catch basin.

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This inner channel flushing process is typically performed on vehicles originating from the Western part of the United States (i.e. drier climates) or on vehicles, that frequently travel on very dusty roads.

What happens is debris - fine particles of dust and gravel - build up 'INSIDE the ENCLOSED AREAS (i.e. frame rails, crossmembers, gussets, rocker panels and various enclosed underbody pockets). 

This dirt and gravel must first be removed from all the 'ENCLOSED AREAS' for our rust coating to be able to reach the metal. Removing the debris, is a time consuming process.

The flushing process often involves using hundreds of gallons of water in order to clean out the debris. If a vehicle has dirt inside its inner channels, and then it travels in the 'Rust Belt', it will rust out much quicker. The reason for this is that the debris has a tendency to remain damp for long periods of time and it also likes to soak up road salt.


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It may be hard for you to determine if your vehicle's under-body enclosed channels are as dirty as the channel shown below unless it's been closely inspected.

Our 'Inner Channel Flush' is not available separately (i.e. without our rust proofing service).

The cost for this added service is $699.00 + tax

After all the dirt is removed from the floor and the top of the hoist ramps, the hoist lifts and the channels it runs on also need to be cleaned and greased. This process is shown in the following photos...

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After the dirt in the channel has been loosened up, a garden hose is used to flush out even more dirt. Back and forth the process goes using water under high-pressure, and then water-flushing with the garden hose. This process is repeated until all the water coming out of the drain holes runs clear.

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This service is for vehicles that have been driven frequently on dusty gravel roads. If so, the channels in the vehicle's underbody will very likely get loaded-up with dirt.



(Generally, most vehicles do not need this service).